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Tick & Mosquito Control in Cordova, Collierville & Germantown

Greetings from Mosquito Squad of Greater Collierville

We are your trusted, local tick control and mosquito control company. From day one, our mission has been to help all those in East Memphis enjoy their summers and outdoor spaces without being bothered by mosquitoes and ticks all season long. With the help of Mosquito Squad of Greater Collierville, you can reclaim your yard from the pests that have taken over.

Always striving to have excellent customer service & quick response times, Mosquito Squad of Collierville takes great pride in being your neighborhood resource for relief from all the pests. Whatever might be plaguing your yard, we are certainly that we can help. We offer a large variety of tick control and mosquito control options including our popular & traditional barrier spray, our All-Natural mosquito treatment, automatic misting systems, and even one time sprays for special events. So whatever pest control need you might have, you can be sure that we can help.

Located in Collierville, we proudly serve all of East Memphis including Cordova, Collierville, Germantown, Bartlett & surrounding areas. If want to learn more about our services or are interested in a free consultation, please do not hesitate to give us a call! We would love to help you experience a mosquito free yard, day in and day out.

Our Services

Pests don't stand a chance.

Mosquito Control & Tick Control Services

Traditional Mosquito Control

Traditional barrier sprays are our most popular mosquito control service. Our technicians will treat the key areas all over your property that will not only eliminate the adult mosquitoes in your yard but also ensure that you stay protected all season long.

All Natural Mosquito Control

Mosquito Squad created an All-Natural mosquito spray that consists of essential oils. Just like our traditional barrier spray, our All-Natural treatment eliminates adult mosquitoes on contact and continues to work as a repellent to keep mosquitoes at bay.

Automatic Misting System

Our unique mosquito misting system automatically sprays your yard 2-4 times each day to give you continuous mosquito control all year long.

Tick Control

If your problem isn’t mosquitoes but instead ticks, Mosquito Squad of Greater Collierville will apply a barrier to your yard to ensure that ticks stay away from your home as well.

Special Event Spray

Whether it’s for a big even like a wedding or just a weekend barbecue, we also off one time event spraying to protect your gathering from mosquitoes all day long.


Satisfied customers: The strongest proof of our performance

Our kids hate getting bug bites when playing outside. But now Mosquito Squad allows our entire family to enjoy more time outdoors.

Erin Z.

We had a Mosquito Squad misting system installed last summer and it has made a huge impact on our backyard. Our 11 year old, who was constantly bitten by bugs, now can play all day without one bite. He raves about it to all his friends in the neighborhood. It’s great for families who want to enjoy their outdoor space.

Sue G.

We called Mosquito Squad last summer when our yard became inundated with mosquitoes. Not only has it allowed us to spend more time outdoors without bug bites, but their service has been wonderful. They call us before and after every spray so we don’t have to worry when we are due or if they’ve been there.

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